BETT 2011

The BETT Show is for educational technologists everywhere.

This was the first year I have attended. The show filled both the main halls at Olympia as well as the upstairs galleries. A real wide variety of subject matter was on offer although I was specifically looking for anything VLE related or for Business Studies topics for adults studying on HND courses.

Met some really cool people on the Microsoft stand (special “Hi” to Dave Coleman and Alex Pearce) and it was also good to meet up again with Tony Sheppard (“Grumbledook”) on the Edugeek stand (didn’t save me any pizza though !).

Office 365 as the “upgrade” to Live@Edu from Microsoft looks promising but waiting to hear what the UK costs will be (let’s hope it’s not a $1 = £1 exchange rate they use !).

My thanks also go to Martin Glassett of SimVenture for taking the time to meet up with me even though we ended up chatting in a corner of the hall.

After arriving in London some 75 minutes late thanks to signalling problems it was a relief to get to Olympia and start to wander around. Then it dawned on me just how huge the show was. After about half an hour I was completely lost and couldn’t even find my way back to the entrance ! A word of advice to show organisers – please put plenty of info points with “You Are Here” maps around and signposts between the halls and to entrance/exits !

Having missed that pizza at Edugeek I was starting to get hungry by 3.30 pm so dropped into one of the many cafes around the halls. By this time my legs were somewhere else and not part of my body (well, I couldn’t feel them any more anyway) so I was thankful just to sit down. A cheese and ham sandwich and a Pepsi was £6.60 (it’s obviously expensive to transport these things into London) but by this time cost didn’t matter.

After that a final good look round and a few demos and time to head for home. Lacking a few of the many freebies I still feel I passed the test and am no longer a BETT virgin !

Next year – yes, I’d go again but maybe for two days and plan what to see (and get !) a bit better.